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Back to School

When I got my trunk stuck coming through the barrier at Kings Cross I was pretty sure it was my luggage's way of telling me that I'd left at least eight or nine things at home. I guess that my forgetting things is a bit of a back to school tradition by now. Gran usually writes me a list of things to tick off as I pack, but I mentioned that maybe I could just do it myself this year and she said that was just fine and then spent the next week referring to me as "boy" and sniffing at the house elf. I guess she was a bit miffed so that's probably why she didn't owl the last package until today. Anyway, that's why I always get so many packages at the beginning of term, this year she had to send:

- My Gryffindor scarf
- My charms textbook
- My spare gloves for Herbology
- My apparation license
- The keys to the restricted access greenhouse
- The Herbology book I got for my birthday
- My chess set
- My computer- it's good to see the old girl!

I knew I'd like Advanced Herbology, but I didn't realise it was quite so brilliant. I'm half way through a research assignment on the sociological impacts of plants with magical properties being altered for medicinal purposes! Professor Sprout says that since I'm enjoying it so much I can look into doing something related to it for my major assignment later in the year, so that should be fun.
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